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                  Produce Bag Large product photo
                  Produce Bag Large
                  SKU: BZPROD/L
                  $ 138.05
                  CT OF 6
                  Gusset Bag 1800x700x610mm product photo
                  Gusset Bag 1800x700x610mm
                  SKU: INPWB0044
                  $ 182.50
                  CT OF 200
                  Bag 300x250mm 6um HD product photo
                  Bag 300x250mm 6um HD
                  SKU: BF10649
                  $ 7.43
                  TH OF 1,000
                  Bag 600x900mm HD product photo
                  Bag 600x900mm HD
                  SKU: BF22210
                  $ 71.94
                  CT OF 500
                  Bag 1300x530x330 Gusset product photo
                  Bag 1300x530x330 Gusset
                  SKU: BFC1300X530X330
                  $ 190.08
                  CT OF 200
                  Bag 650x900mm 50um LD product photo
                  Bag 650x900mm 50um LD
                  SKU: BFPLB0053
                  $ 521.13
                  CT OF 100
                  Bag 985x1550mm LDPE product photo
                  Bag 985x1550mm LDPE
                  SKU: BFPLB0059
                  $ 707.30
                  CT OF 100
                  Bag LLD 838X457Mm 55Um product photo
                  Bag LLD 838X457Mm 55Um
                  SKU: BFPLB2235
                  $ 403.32
                  CT OF 250
                  Bag 250x580mm LD 45um product photo
                  Bag 250x580mm LD 45um
                  SKU: BFPLB0122
                  $ 133.98
                  CT OF 1,250
                  Bag 495x755mm 30um product photo
                  Bag 495x755mm 30um
                  SKU: BFPLB2400
                  $ 81.13
                  CT OF 500
                  Bag 650x1580mm 20um HD product photo
                  Bag 650x1580mm 20um HD
                  SKU: BFPLB4021
                  $ 364.02
                  CT OF 500
                  280x380mm Magic Seal Bag product photo
                  280x380mm Magic Seal Bag
                  SKU: BFPLBS1115
                  $ 155.93
                  BX OF 1,000