Bunzl is open for business & here to help you during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Bunzl Update: Novel Coronavirus (CoVID-19)

Like all businesses, we continue to implement measures to protect our customers, our employees and the businesses we work within. We have implemented many processes to mitigate risk to our employees, suppliers and our customers.

For the latest Hospitality updates please find information here.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to do business with Bunzl?

Our Account Managers, Business Development Managers, and Sales/Customer Service Teams are all available via phone, email and Skype. Also, you can place orders at any time via www.shop.bunzl.com.au.

Can I go to the Bunzl facility?

Visitors to our sites are limited to essential services only and are all screened before permitting entry. Please phone or email your Bunzl contact before coming to any site.

Why is there a delay in my delivery?

Due to unprecedented demand we are experiencing some delays. Please bear with us as we are working to process and dispatch orders as soon as we can. These impacts have undoubtedly caused a massive spike in demand and therefore the volume of orders being placed. Our warehouse team is working hard to fulfil orders as quickly as possible, however due to the increased order volumes it is taking longer than usual to finalise deliveries. Please allow extra time for your orders to be delivered.

Will Bunzl run out of products?

For several weeks we have been responding to unprecedented demand, particularly in the PPE category. Our Sales and Customer Service teams are working tirelessly to respond to customer requests, and our Sourcing team are ensuring a secure supply of products. We continue to support our key partner supplies whilst expanding our reach to meet demand. We are also working to support local manufacturers where possible in our efforts to support their Australian and New Zealand businesses.
While we continue to control stock for existing customers, it has become evident that some of our customers are stock piling. This has resulted in stock outs and the need to ration stock on a broader range of goods. Consequently, our initial freeze on critical items such as PPE and sanitisers to enable the release of customer orders in a controlled manner has now been extended to include key washroom products.
Our objective remains to ensure supply is controlled and that our existing customers are supplied on an ongoing basis. We do understand that there are genuine increases in usage of some products such as face masks, aprons, hand towels, soap and sanitisers. We are working hard through our supply chain to increase stock holding of these products where possible.
We will not substitute any products with inferior quality or easier-to-obtain items. Our duty of care to our customers remains firm, and this may mean that there is a longer than usual wait time for specific products, but this ultimately guards your safety and peace-of-mind.

Will Bunzl continue to operate if a lockdown is put in place?

We remain focused on running our daily business. If the COVID-19 restrictions increase, you can be reassured that we will continue to operate. We have appropriate business continuity procedures in place and are adjusting our operations in accordance with advice from the from the World Health Organization, and Federal and State health authorities.

If I find myself over-stocked can I return my order?

In light of unprecedented demand, change of mind returns or exchanges will not be allowed until further notice. This policy does not apply for defective or goods sent in error.

How is Bunzl ensuring the health and safety of their employees?

At the core of our response we ensuring our employees remain safe and healthy; and we are prepared to support them through any personal challenges they may face. We have implemented all relevant government requirements as a minimum, implementing more measures where possible.

Will Bunzl’s IT systems cope with the increased demand?

We have robust IT systems with several, appropriate controls in place. The majority of the Bunzl Australia and New Zealand businesses operate on one ERP platform. This ensures visibility, access and the ability to transact across the network regardless of physical location. We have also increased our cyber security and suspicious emails checking.

What will happen if one of Bunzl’s sites is temporarily closed?

We will continue to operate if one of our facilities is required to close or operate with limited people capacity. Bunzl’s Australia and New Zealand national network consists of 17 offices around Australia and three branches in New Zealand. We can service our customers at a local level, leveraging our expertise in every major industry and business market. If any one site is impacted we will endeavour to support from one of our other sites to ensure essential services are not impacted. In the event of any further restrictions we will work to support all our customers. We have also been working with our carrier network to adhere to any hygiene and lockdown protocols being implemented at our customer sites, especially those in Aged Care.