Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals

From innovative products to insightful solutions, we are constantly in pursuit of the optimum working environment.

Designed for healthcare environments, Scott® Control™ provides solutions covering hand drying, surface wiping and tray, bed and bench covers.


Reinforced and absorbent wiping solutions


Reinforced Wipers


Reinforced wipers for both hand drying and surface cleaning

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Absorbent Wipers


Developed using Hydroknit? technology for reliable surface cleaning

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Versatile Towels


Multi-functional roll towel for hand drying and surface wiping

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Cut length covers designed to be used on surfaces for instrument and equipment protection

Absorbent Tray Liners

Absorbent material liners available in multiple sizes to suit different instrument trays

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Absorbent Pads

For multi-function surfaces containing polyethylene layer to keep liquid from underlying surfaces

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Continuous roll solutions designed to cover a range of bench and bed surfaces

Disposable Bed and Bench Covers

Continuous roll disposable covers for multiple surface protection

No Quibble Guarantee:
The quality and consistency of our products allows us to offer a money back or replacement of stock guarantee for any performance troubles with our products , for a period of 12 months from delivery.
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